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McKeen Car Cuyamaca is Ready to Move!!!


June 6, 2015 by Madison Kirkman

I have big news! We are making the next step in the restoration of the San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern Railroad Motor Car “Cuyamaca,” the oldest surviving McKeen car in the world. Although the dates aren’t confirmed yet, we plan to have the car out of Anchorage at the beginning of July, and then back home here in San Diego County before August. This will cost about $5,200 in Rail/Barge transport charges from Anchorage to Seattle; About $800 transloading it onto a 53′ trailer; And then about $6,200 to truck and trailer the car to Ramona. There the restoration process will begin. In total, it is going to cost about $12,000 to bring it back to , and so far we have raised just over $10,000. I know we can raise this last little bit and every last donation counts.

If you can, share this with your friends, share it to railroad pages, railroad groups etc. And then, we will be able to start the restoration of this magnificent and historically important railcar.

Thank you for your help in my project. – Madison Kirkman – Founder of the McKeen Motor Car Company Historical Society​

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


December 24, 2014 by Madison Kirkman

From all of us here at the M.M.C.C.H.S., we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!Christmas Photograph

The History of the McKeen Car Cuyamaca


November 24, 2014 by Madison Kirkman

New Photos of the “Cuyamaca”


November 18, 2014 by Madison Kirkman

These are photos taken on November the 13th, by Victoria Pennick, of Frozen Glass Photography. They are of the Cuyamaca McKeen Car in the scrapyard where it currently sits. Once we get the transfer of the car worked out, then the car will leave this scrapyard, and head to a new, better home here in Southern California.

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McKeen Motor Car “Cuyamaca” Fund Raising


October 25, 2014 by Madison Kirkman

Thank you all for donating, but we are still not there.  We need to raise more to reach $10,000, and so far, with a few outside check donations, we have reached $3,400, plus a pledged $1,000 for the last part of the fund raising.  To donate, and to learn more about the project, click here.

This car is one of three McKeen Cars still around, of which, of 150 were built, and recent research suggests this car, the “Cuyamaca” may be the oldest vehicle in the world (excluding boats which were more aqua-dynamic,) to display aerodynamic design.  It was till 26 years later that Union Pacific’s M-10000 would be completed, which coined the term “Streamline.”  This McKeen Car is a rich part of history, not only for San Diego, but for the world, as a few motor cars were sold to railroads in Australia, Mexico, Cuba, and Canada.

McKeen Motor Car #1 Cuyamaca

Photo Courtesy of the Coon’s Collection.

The McKeen Car Cuyamaca, today’s oldest Vehicle to display Aerodynamic design.

Union Pacific M-10000 and Union Pacific #9

Photo Courtesy of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Union Pacific M-10000, the Motor Car set, next to Union Pacific’s steam engine #9.

Ramona Sentinel


October 9, 2014 by Madison Kirkman

Recently, I was interviewed for an article in the local newspaper. Next goal, Union Tribune, the county wide newspaper.

Ramona Sentinel, Teen hopes to restore historic mode of transportation

Nevada State Railroad Museum Timetable


August 3, 2014 by Madison Kirkman

Here is the Timetable for the N.S.R.M., the McKeen Car only has one more run this year, on October 31st, …
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Join our Facebook Page.


March 13, 2014 by Madison Kirkman

Join us on our Facebook page for instant updates, with brand new information as soon as it is added. Once you join, you will get messages on your F.B. whenever we post a new photo, or article, or even a news update when the McKeen Car at the N.S.R.M.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!


December 24, 2013 by Madison Kirkman

From everyone here at McKeen, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope that you will stay safe on the rode and enjoy your time with family. If you use the promo code “DC10″ during check out, and get 10% off one the McKeen Motor Car Postcard.

McKeen Motor Car Postcards


April 2, 2013 by Madison Kirkman

Our new McKeen Postcards!!! High quailty, UV protective coating, and it comes with a clear sleeve. One for one dollar or a doven for ten dollars. You can buy them HERE

Postcard of McKeen Car LA&SDBRy

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